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damn youuu

It would have owned if it was a rooster, and the guy called it a COCK, sorta like, the pecker, in FNF 5


Now your job, is to make the lil kid from episode one do what the tree did to this bird, to that old wizard. good stuff. the censoring actually improves it. lmao. hearing a string of beeps is funnier than hearing a string of curses, especially since we know what he's saying. Good syncing. This is just great man. I own this branch!!
reminds me of that scary alien in men in black who like skins a guy and wears his skin.


was I the only one reminded of Lost in Translation, where the "Masseuse" comes into Bill Murray's room?
"Lip my stockings"
"No touchie Boba-san! No touchieeeeee"

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Great game man!

TIme: 1526x100=152600
Final Score: F The lower the better 176100

Creators Score: 40,050-- I assume that means you rocked the hell out of this game- and I sucked it up.

Bobwhiz and his strategy guide for clubby the seal

Here's how you play the game. Let the eskimo's come to you. Don't run to them. Walk forward, and when you see one coming towards you, wait till it's within range... then strike. If two are walking close together, jump and strike as you are coming down, it will do damage to both. Watch the background, there's a small little dude running around, you can actually SEE him shoot up his harpoon, and you have about 3 seconds to get out of it's way.

To beat the game:
On the first level, stand in front of an igloo (preferably with no hills around)
just chow up the eskimo as they come out of their huts, picking up fish they drop when running low on life. Do this until you have about 350 skins.Work your way to the end of the level, and beat the first boss... he's pretty easy: jump to dodge his ice attacks and walk up to him swinging rapidly, you can take his punches like the seal you are.
You now arrive at the shop. Buy the Jason mask, and boost yourself up as many lives as you can. Next level. Same thing. Leave this one with about 500 skins if you can. Purchase the high jump mask, and as many lives as you can. Stick with the jason mask for the next level though, repeat and rinse.

A winnner is J00

25k pts pts.. w00t.. very challenging

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can i get tickets to ur next show.. wonderful piece.. bobs head

it's ok

but if it's so top secret.. why is it here eh?

umm ok.. i'm not DSG .. but it was fun while the trickery lasted

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