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damn youuu

It would have owned if it was a rooster, and the guy called it a COCK, sorta like, the pecker, in FNF 5


Now your job, is to make the lil kid from episode one do what the tree did to this bird, to that old wizard. good stuff. the censoring actually improves it. lmao. hearing a string of beeps is funnier than hearing a string of curses, especially since we know what he's saying. Good syncing. This is just great man. I own this branch!!
reminds me of that scary alien in men in black who like skins a guy and wears his skin.


was I the only one reminded of Lost in Translation, where the "Masseuse" comes into Bill Murray's room?
"Lip my stockings"
"No touchie Boba-san! No touchieeeeee"

A hearty affair.

I liked, your movie, but why is the rum gone?

Truly Great

I haven't written a review in about a year. I think it's time to congratulate Krinkels on his series and on this great work. It brought the whole set of movies full circle, and added some to them more. Stylish, Skillful, Violent, Funny......... Just amazing. I have no clue how you do it, but I love you for it. You are the man, the sadness was completely undercut by the clown DJ.

Good movie

By Weird Al: you've made the right choice, I think people are getting confused by


Reel Big Fish: beer song

but yeah..good movie, and it's the right choice

what do you call?

What do you call a man who studies stupidity for the spreading of insanity to others?

a RABbi... yes.. dave you are a RABbi.. and this movie rocked.. loved the batman references... and the pokemon and yu-gi-oh.. GOLD.. PURE GOLD!

This just goes to show that

This just goes to show that:
:: Clean is funnier than crude
:: LF rox!

This movie.. funnily enough.. ROXORED

JO'z HEEERE!!!!!1!


really.. you're genius.. that was the most hilarious thing i've seen in a while.. if only we could erase all those votes of zero.. we could wind up with a 4.10 at least.. damn.. that rox..love the borrowing wally's monocle, and the references to DOTT.. ahh just add some sam and max, and you're the best person in the world... ur on my fav authors list!

umm ok.. i'm not DSG .. but it was fun while the trickery lasted

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