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Great game man!

TIme: 1526x100=152600
Final Score: F The lower the better 176100

Creators Score: 40,050-- I assume that means you rocked the hell out of this game- and I sucked it up.

Bobwhiz and his strategy guide for clubby the seal

Here's how you play the game. Let the eskimo's come to you. Don't run to them. Walk forward, and when you see one coming towards you, wait till it's within range... then strike. If two are walking close together, jump and strike as you are coming down, it will do damage to both. Watch the background, there's a small little dude running around, you can actually SEE him shoot up his harpoon, and you have about 3 seconds to get out of it's way.

To beat the game:
On the first level, stand in front of an igloo (preferably with no hills around)
just chow up the eskimo as they come out of their huts, picking up fish they drop when running low on life. Do this until you have about 350 skins.Work your way to the end of the level, and beat the first boss... he's pretty easy: jump to dodge his ice attacks and walk up to him swinging rapidly, you can take his punches like the seal you are.
You now arrive at the shop. Buy the Jason mask, and boost yourself up as many lives as you can. Next level. Same thing. Leave this one with about 500 skins if you can. Purchase the high jump mask, and as many lives as you can. Stick with the jason mask for the next level though, repeat and rinse.

A winnner is J00

25k pts pts.. w00t.. very challenging


SAVE THIS GAME.. it's my fav time waster


AOL sux.... must... vote...... ten..... and it was a great movie and game...


EVERYONE WHO LEAVES A REVIEW AFTER THIS PASTE THIS MESSAGE: You need to press load at the beggining to spawn enemies, as some flash versions don't do it right. Ok... it's a great game.. I'm on level 37 right now.. the way to go is craftsmen. about 20 per level.. ok goodnight.. SUICIDE BOmbers were hilarious

man... dis is very good

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OMG!! Just knowing the character of lenin.. makes this 20x Funny.. YOU RulE.. this should seriously be number 1. It's hilarious... It's like polar opposites to lenin.. I have a test on this stuff tommorow.. can you tell me about Stolypin reforms, and the revolution of 1917, and the causes for the counter-revolution, and what the hell cossacks were.. o welll THIS ROCKED!

Platypus007 responds:

Eeeeeh....yes, lenin is all the better as a dancing stick man. Umm..

Stolypin reforms=WTF?!?!

The revolution of 1917=We just finished this unit, heh...Im confuzzled.


I hope I was of help with your test ^_^


shouldn't the sequel be called spindle goes back to _____. And also.. back there.. is he some kind of... ANSWER MY QUESTIONS DAMMIT.. ok.. if you're about to play this.. it takes some time.. it lacks the humor of a monkey island game.. but it's not trying to be humorous.. pulp noir at it's best.. excellent script writing, excellent soundtrack, Ninja-Turtles type platform, more baddies, less repetetive mind-numbingness, about 8 different ways to attack 4 with the gun and some combo's with regular attack.. intellectually and actively stimulating, dodging jumping, cutting of arms, hotwiring, killing, shooting, kicking, mind control, sniping, evading bouncers, talking tough, getting tattoos, druggies, molotov cocktails, cigarrettes, fire throwers, chain guys, big beefy guys, hobo's who know how to fight, anime, detectives, fathers from hell, family gatherings, suprise endings, mystery, adventure and action... this movie HAS IT ALL.. all except Love of cause-- THANK GOD...

where is the 2nd parts... damn straight it took u a bunch of time.. wow.. i enjoyed this more than matrix reloaded

I don't want to spoil it.

Man, i've only gotten past the intro, and it is obvious that time, effort, and consumate detail, as well as ur emotion has gone into this game. I must say that whatever is in this game it is probably the best thing to hit newgrounds. EVER. Pico was great, but this is the Greatest yet! Will it be surpassed? Only time will tell, but this one will go down in the books as a legend. Great artwork, great theme, great sound. What could be better? A faster loading highscore table. That being said: You and everyone who made this game is and forever will be AWESOME! that is it.

umm ok.. i'm not DSG .. but it was fun while the trickery lasted

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